Changes are coming to the Moore & Moore Fan Club!

The Moore & Moore Fan Club has been active for over 30 years!  The club received a GOLD STAR rating continuously (26 years) from the International Fan Club Organization (IFCO).  A Gold Star rating means the club issued 100% or more of the materials promised to our members.  We have had a great run! 

Of course, a lot has happened in 30 years as far as "keeping in touch" goes.  We now have social media, digital downloads, online newsletters, etc.  Because of this, we have made the decision to no longer be a "paper" fan club.  In other words, we will no longer mail materials via USPS to our members.  If you are a member, or have recently joined, you will still receive materials by postal mail until June 2019.

We will still have a fan club, but there will be no cost to you!  You can join our email list and get updates about upcoming shows, new music, the latest news, and of course, information about our annual fan club party!  To join the fan club email list, look to the right and enter your address >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

You can still write and keep in touch with Debbie & Carrie the old fashioned way via the NEW fan club address:      

Moore & Moore Fan Club

P.O. Box 170

Chapmansboro, TN  37035

 We want to thank our awesome fans for being a member of the "paper" fan club, some for the entire 30 years!  It's been a blast, and there's "Moore" to come!  We will continue to keep in touch with everyone online (via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) and with email updates.  We hope to see you again soon... on the road, or in Nashville! 



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