Moore & Moore Newsletter/Winter 2016

Happy New Year 2017!

Happy New Year everyone!  We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!  We meant to get the newsletter out to you a little sooner this year, but life has been crazy busy!  Moore & Moore had a last minute booking on December 16th in Bowler, WI at the North Star Mohican Casino.  They replaced Jeannie Seely for the Country Legends Show that included Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee!  Debbie & Carrie got the call on December 15, booked flights and flew to Green Bay via Chicago that night!  They knew there was a winter storm warning in place, but they made the trip anyway.  I was worried they would get stranded up there, but they made it home in plenty of time for Christmas!  Of course, there were a few travel delays on all counts, including bus breakdowns for both Mickey AND Johnny, but everything worked out, thank goodness!  It was a great show, and despite the weather, they had a big, enthusiastic crowd!

  Our annual fan club party in June was a smashing success with special guests, Moe Bandy, Marty Haggard, Buddy Jewell, Johnny Lee, Mila Mason, Bobby G. Rice, Michael Twitty, James Carothers, Roger Conley, Adam Fears, Larry Frick, Jaysen Gold, Cherish Lee, Loveland, Lanny McIntosh, Scott & Heino and Gerald Smith, hosted by Michelle Spaziano!  Our Fan Club Member of the Decade Award winner is KEVIN & PAULETTE KOEHLER from West  Seneca, NY and the Fan Club Member of the Year Award winner is BILL & MARY HAHN from N. Lewisburg, OH.  Unfortunately, Bill recently lost his battle with cancer.  He will be greatly missed!  We could always count on Bill & Mary smiling and having fun at our annual fan club party.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Mary and her entire family during this very difficult time. 

The 2017 party is the big 20th Annual Moore & Moore Fan Club Party, so it will be a special evening.  Make plans now and mark it on your calendar for Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 6pm at the Nashville Palace in Nashville, TN! 

Moore & Moore released their brand new CD, “My Present To You”  in June 2016.  The album is currently #1 on the Airplay Direct Country Album chart with close to 600 digital downloads by radio stations from all over the world, including Ireland, Sweden, France, Switzerland, England, Australia, Greece, Uruguay, Denmark,  Germany, Spain, The Netherlands, Austria, New Zealand, and of course, the U.S.A!  The album is #2 for the month of December in ALL GENRES!  There are also 15 songs on the Top 15 APD Country Singles chart and “Loving Thirty” with Billy Yates is sitting on top at #1!  The singles, “I’m Going To Roam” made it to the Top 20 on the UK Hot Disc Chart in August 2016,  and “Follow The Star” with Marty Haggard is currently in the Top 10 at #9!

Moore & Moore have been busy working and traveling.  In June after the CMA Music Festival, they flew to Texas for a private show in Ft. Worth with Moe Bandy and Janie Fricke.  The next month they were flying to Great Falls, MT for a show at the Northern Winz Casino, again with Moe and Janie.  In August, they guested with Barbara Fairchild on the Midnite Jamboree in Nashville, then flew to Baltimore for a private show with Janie.  In September, they made the drive to McLeansboro, IL for a show with Johnny Lee and Johnny Rodriguez.  (I tagged along for that one, and we had FUN!)  Then, Debbie & Carrie were off to Missouri for a show with Janie and T.G. Sheppard.  In October, M&M had shows with Janie at the Ohio Valley Opry, then in November they flew to Las Vegas for a  talent buyers convention.  This past month, of course, they flew to Green Bay for the show with Johnny & Mickey, but they also did a WSM radio interview on “Nashville Today” to talk about their new CD.  Please check out the 2017 schedule and come see Moore & Moore perform.  Right now, they don’t plan to hit the road again until May 2017, but as we’ve learned, plans could change tomorrow!

I want to thank everyone who came to my 85th Birthday/Halloween Costume Party in October!  I am so thankful for family and friends who traveled near and far to be with me for the big day.  It was a party to remember for a lifetime!  I’m a lucky woman, and I thank God for His many blessings, and especially for all of you.

Our next newsletter won’t go out until early June, but you can keep in touch with us via the website, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and of course by postal mail at the fan club address.  Until then, Happy New Year, Happy Valentine’s Day, Happy Easter, Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Memorial Day!  God bless us all in 2017!   

Vivian Moore (aka St. Vivian of the Fairgrounds)—President       


A Note From Debbie & Carrie:

Happy New Year!  We hope everyone has been enjoying the season with your friends, family and loved ones.  It’s been a crazy year again!  Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with everything, but somehow we always manage, and we’re still hanging in there.  Of course, it helps to be a twin, with double the help!  :) :)  We’re proud to have gotten our latest album written, recorded and released this past year, and it’s doing well on several country music charts!  That makes us SO happy!  We’ve traveled across more than a dozen states and have had our music played on stations in over 15 countries!  How exciting!  Thanks to the DJs and to every person who has ever played or shared our music!

We’ve been working on writing some new Christmas songs, and of course, it’s more inspirational to write during the holiday season.  Sooner or later, we hope to put a full Christmas album together.  Maybe next year?  This year, two of our Christmas songs were chosen as overall winners in the Radio Airplay Holiday Song Contest!  The songs, “Green, Red, White & Blue” (written by Debbie & Carrie and on their 2006 “Meant To Be” CD) and “Hangin’ Round The Mistletoe” (written by Kostas and on Charlie McCoy’s “Charlie’s Christmas Angels” CD) will be  featured on Jango’s Independent Holiday Station!  Check it out online here:

We had a BIG Birthday/Halloween Costume party for our sweet mama on October 29 for her 85th birthday!  Mom dressed up as a nun, and she looked authentic!  We can’t believe the number of friends and family members who traveled and took time out of their busy lives to help us celebrate!  Then again, if you know “Mama Moore”, it’s easy to see why so many people love her.  She’s one of a kind!  Thanks to all of you for making her day so special and fabulous!  She really had a blast!  THANK YOU!!!

We’ll be laying low in the next few months (or at least we THINK we will), so please keep in touch with us via social media.  We’ll keep you up to date on any “breaking news” and we hope to see ya’ll, even if it’s not on the road somewhere.  You know, you can always just come visit us in TN!

We just want to thank all of you who help make life easier by being the most wonderful friends and fans that anyone could ask for.  Your dedication and love is what keeps us going and we’re very blessed to have you in our lives.  Thank you!  Let’s have #MooreFun in 2017!                          

 Love from Debbie & Carrie 

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  • Sandy Young
    Sandy Young
    Love the newsletter. Your Mom sounds amazing. Thanks again for the great show at Bowler. Enjoyed meeting you both so much. Looking forward to seeing you again......when our weather warms

    Love the newsletter. Your Mom sounds amazing. Thanks again for the great show at Bowler. Enjoyed meeting you both so much. Looking forward to seeing you again......when our weather warms

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