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1. I'm Going To Roam

2. So Far, No Good (with T.G. Sheppard)

3. I Want You (with James Carothers)

4. My Present To You

5. Loving Thirty (with Billy Yates)

6. Follow The Star (with Marty Haggard)

7. Your Lover

8. Wine & Whine (with Helen Cornelius)

9. Can I Borrow Tomorrow

10. Sand In Our Shoes (with Billy Yates)

11. Better Place In Heaven

12. Play It By Beer

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My Present To You - Moore & Moore

Show Me Your Country (2012)

Track Listing:

1. Show Me Your Country

2. Summer Love

3. Not Tonight, I've Got A Heartache (with guest Deborah Allen)

4. I'll Have You (for The Rest Of My Life)

5. Love Don't Wear No Parachute

6. Satisfy That Hunger

7. Think About You

8. Mississippi Missing You

9. Even Sunshine Burns

10. Where You Were Coming From

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